Thursday, January 31

Love this Room!

This is my old flat from Silver Lake. I love this room. I spent many mornings working on photography and drinking tea from this desk with the beautiful sunshine streaming through. This photo was taken by Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy who now lives there. For some reason I just felt like looking at it again. I can't wait to have a great place like this to work at again soon. You can see the entire place at Alysia's Treehouse by the Lake.


AVY said...

Looks cute. Silver Lake never made much of an impression on me though.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


Christina Marie said...

Love that blue sofa! I hope to find something vintage with wonderful lines like that to reupholster soon. Did you get to keep it in the move to London?
PS. Feel free to stop by for a visit :)