Tuesday, April 29

Oohlala glorious backyards!

Here's a little inspiration for those who have backyards! I just love these from Cottage Living!

Wednesday, April 23

OohLaLa Summer is coming!!

Hi everyone! I've been super busy with my photography and making new things for all my shops. Here are my new photographs available in my etsy shop:

Check out my new bags and tees in my new Bueller's Kitchen shop. It is filled with re-usable kitchen bags featuring my photography, calenders and motivational tees. I wanted to inspire everyone. If you have custom requests I'd be more than happy to fill them. If there is one thing you can do to save the environment it is to use re-usable grocery bags. Buy some you love and use them over and over again:

Here is some inspiration from Living Etc.:

Enjoy!! Be Well!!

Monday, April 21

How to be Eco-Fabulous! Happy Earthday!!!

Want to be chic but still be earth friendly? Check out ShopBop's Eco Style Guide!! Everything you need to look amazing and save the planet. Who could ask for more!!
Also please check out my reusable grocery bags in my Bueller's Kitchen shop!!

Wednesday, April 9


My family in Ireland has a farm and right next to it is a lovely little house owned by a Belgian man. I believe it used to be in the family at some point. I often think how much fun it would be to buy it and redo it. I've always dreamed of converting it into a summer home. This Irish Farmhouse from Ideal Home reminded me of it:

Tuesday, April 8

Happy Anniversary Modish!

Dolan Geiman Butterflies, and you know how I love blue butterflies!

I love all things Modish. Jena's blog is fantastic and she has such a great eye for modern design. Have a look around her wonderful shop too that is now 1 year old. Happy anniversary Jena! Love the shop! Here are some of my faves:

PillowsFlight PouchUmbrella Storage BagMimosa Earings

Tulip Toes Earings
You and Me Card

Friday, April 4

Horton Paints Too!

Let's go outside!

Here is a little inspiration from Cottage Living for your outside space if you're lucky enough to have one. If not, here are some to dream about: