Friday, February 24

Love this so much!

When I was in my teens I used to spend my summers with my horse lying in fields and resting on him just like this. This is just a picture from pinterest but wow does it bring back good memories.

Love This Room!

This is the best room ever! One day I will have a house filled with fun like this.

The Sexy Retro Swim Look

photo source
I've started swimming at the pool at my gym in Soho called The Third Space. I feel like I found my element. I've tried the elliptical, running, all the machines, and they just don't make me happy. I grew up in California swimming in the pool in our backyard, the ocean, my bathtub, anywhere I could. When I was two I even swam in the fountain/pool at The Getty and was pulled out by a very embarrassed mother. I'm doing a combination of yoga, swim and weight lifting. It's really fun.
When I took to the pool this week I failed to realize something. Tight swim goggles will give you black eyes and you will come out of the pool looking like a beaten woman. I got to talking to a french girl and she told me about these goggles she got in France called AquaSphere. They put the pressure on your cheek bone instead of the delicate skin under the eyes. The last thing I need are even darker dark circles. I found mine at KRSC on the Kings Road and paired it with the matching retro swim cap by Zogs. Next I will have to find the suit to match. Now back to the pool!

Yeomans - Primrose Hill - good for greens

I love going to Yeoman's in Primrose Hill for green juice - good for the body and soul - keeps you young! I was lucky enough to be there for a meeting and got to swing by one of my favorite places in London.

The Sandwich & The Spoon - good for a cuppa

The Sandwich and The Spoon is a lovely little pop up coffee stand in Primrose Hill on the bridge before you cross over from Chalk Farm. I love their aspirations to one day open a restaurant. I'm a full supporter of anyone with a dream and who is actively trying to make it happen. Very good espresso and darling chap to make it, what more does a girl want! There's even a disco ball in case you want to rock out to some tunes.