Saturday, March 31

Love this room!

I can't seem to get enough of this hot pink and white lately. I don't even like pink. In fact I pretty much avoid anything pink and girlie but I am a child of the 80's, John Hughes movies and Madonna. I love this fuchsia, magenta, neon pink. Don't you?

Weekend Wear

Tuesday, March 27

Love this room!

I keep coming back to this room for inspiration. So many things I love about it.

Wednesday, March 21

Le Labo - Marleybone

Le Labo - Marleybone - My favourite perfume ever. My scent right now is Neroli. Reminds of a long day at the beach. Perfect for a California girl. No nasty chemicals and a personalized label with your name on it - whats not to like!

Friday, March 9

Guest Post: Love these rooms!

By Trisha Jones

If you are among the growing number of interior design enthusiasts who adore both the elegance of a more minimal concept and the flamboyance of injecting a bit of colour – these rooms will be right up your street!

Hot pink

No one can deny the pizzazz this gorgeous hot pink sofa brings to the chic white interior. Using one central point of colour to warm up a simple room is a great way of bringing new life to your home, without all the work of renovating everything. Another great thing about this design is the use of coloured accessories, like the multi-coloured books, to compliment the hot pink and add some more depth to the room. Even if hot pink isn’t quite your thing, the same concept would work well with any vibrant colour of your choice!

Subtle blues

Although I live in Berlin, I have often thought that a more traditional, countrified kitchen would be perfect for me. However, living in an urban environment, I don’t want to go too far down the farmhouse route, as it seems slightly unauthentic. So, when I saw this kitchen, I was thrilled to see that it struck the perfect balance between the two. This hearty, thick, wonderfully-crafted table has something very rustic and dependable about it – a table you can grow old with! This table and the spattering of blue on the tiled floor give this space something special, unique and extremely cool.

For more lovely ideas check out Fashion For Home.

Tuesday, March 6

Guest Post: Loft Spaces

Hi, Joanna here from deep South Texas. Today, I’m bringing you a guest post on chic lofts. Can you believe this is my real day job (and sometimes late night)? I am a writer/blogger/design enthusiast for a go-to lighting fixture source on the web—Arcadian Lighting. Muah to From London with Love for letting me share today.
I don’t about you, but I am crazy over lofts. For some reason huge repurposed buildings with industrial strength architecture make my heart beat a little faster. I would probably feel lost if I was lucky enough to actually live in one—but can’t a girl dream? Take a look at some of my fave loft spots I found while visiting some of my must-read blogs.
Loft Spaces
This loft is so spacious you need a bicycle to get from one end to the other. Okay, maybe not, but it sure would be fun. Even though the place is so huge, they’ve filled it up with lots of personality to make it feel more intimate.
Loft Spaces
Modern and traditional meld in this cool artist’s loft—the soft cream of the furnishings is an interesting contrast with high white walls and concrete floors.
Loft Spaces
Definitely this is the most sophisticated loft space thus far—where modern meets chic. The chandelier lighting is an interesting choice, I'm wondering if a contemporary drum pendant light or a string light would make for a better appearance.
Loft Spaces
This industrial size loft kitchen becomes playful and fun with bright accents in tile, fabric and chair.
Loft Spaces
I love home libraries almost as much as I love lofts. This space offers the best of both worlds. Sigh…
Loft Spaces
Now this is one chic space. Love the pink velvet. Check. Love the waterfall panels at the windows. Check. Love the oh-so-feminine ceiling light—a chandelier of course. Check. Looks as if this is the loft for me. Which is your favorite space so far?
Loft Spaces
The kitchen of the loft above boasts more pink to love. The stainless and aluminum elements in the space might have felt to overbearing, but the pink fridge and white painted brick walls soften them nicely.
Loft Spaces
This loft is a bit more masculine with shades of grays and blacks. It reminds me of a dandy’s tailored suit. It’s a space with attitude. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Don't you just love these loft spaces? Be sure to check out Arcadian Lighting and our great selection of lighting fixtures.