Saturday, December 29

OohLaLa Isn't it suite!

I love the idea of a huge bedroom suite. I came across these while looking for inspiration in House to Home. They had many lovely big rooms where you could spend all day writing letters and what not like in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I love the one with a fireplace. Isn't that cozy! OohLaLa!

Friday, December 28

Front page of Etsy!

Mine is the top left: Summer Is Coming II

Unsuitable for Ladies!

Are you an adventure diva? Sometimes we have to remember to kick up our heels, break the rules and have a little fun. I always loved a Susan B. Anthony quote that my dad sent me, "Well behaved women never make history". Keep it in mind.
Check out this book for some modern day adventure divas!
Adventure Divas by Holly Morris:
I know there are many fans of Osa Johnson and her book I MARRIED ADVENTURE that I blogged about awhile back. Here are some more to get your adventure juices flowing. I saw this one in Elle and I just loved it. The paperback title UNSUITABLE FOR LADIES is great:
They Went Whistling by Barbara Holland: for some adventuresome gals who weren't afraid to break the rules
Dolce Italia by Giovanna Bertelli: Italy in the 40's and 50's was surely an adventure.
Women of Discovery by Milbry Polk and Mary Tiegreen: the cover reminds me of the scene of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE when Kiera Kightly is standing on the bluff.

Thursday, December 27

OohLaLa I love winter white!

I've been looking for inspiration for redoing my living room and I was inspired by these versatile rooms that I saw on Cottage Living. I want a room that is cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Hope these inspire you too!

How great is this office with the cozy high back leather chair and drapes!

Monday, December 24


A favorite holiday image from Cottage Living.

Thank you Owen Wilson!

Word is he's a big fan of my surfer ornaments and bought a bunch. Love that!

Thursday, December 20

I love Dolan Geiman!

Well I love his work! I have been a fan of Dolan's for a long time and I just can't keep him to myself any longer. Dolan was born in the valleys of Virginia and grew up working on the family Christmas tree farm. The cold air of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the wide open wilderness comes across in his work:He's a little bit country and a little bit Rock'n Roll!
You just want to hang his pieces up in the living room and cozy up to the fire. Each piece is so unique and special it gives you a really warm since of nostalgia as if someone has just told a great folk story.
I just bought the one above and the one below is another absolute fave!

Now one of Chicago's most well known artists, Dolan's work has spread across the globe. For more on Dolan and his work please visit his website or his etsy store:
New to his shop are his box art reproductions which I think are really cool and would make a great gift or investment:

Wednesday, December 19

Crank Bunny!

I discovered Crank Bunny on a treasury today and was blown away. Specializing in novelty paper arts that make you feel like you are in Alice In Wonderland, Crank Bunny is just marvelous. These are magnificent. Here are a few that I love:

Tuesday, December 18

Hidden Art is not so Hidden!

I'm sure glad I came across Hidden Art. They have a wonderful selection of gift and housewares. These are my faves:

Sunday, December 16

OohLaLa Carolina Cottage

I love everything handmade from Carolina Cottage. She has the most wonderful handmade trays, boxes, magnets and more to get you organized. Aren't they just adorable! Please visit her shop when you have a moment and check out her goods. My favorites are below:

Thursday, December 13

OohLaLa NY NY!!

I love these rooms from NY Space Magazine of Jonathan Leitersdorf’s pad in NoHo. The roof top pool was even used in Sex In The City! I particularly love the ceiling here and the bedroom down below: