Thursday, June 28

Picture Boxes!!!

I love these little picture boxes I have made for my store. This is one of my favorites of birds on a wire. I remember thinking, with this rain, what am I going to photograph for 2andfro. What a surprise to get such a lovely outcome on such a rotten day. Makes for a great picture box.

Monday, June 25

The Coolest Couch for Summer!

My neighbor has the coolest couch from Design Within Reach called The Havanah Sofa. I just had to share. It'd be great for any space big or small. It has storage under the seats and the back folds down turning the couch into a big bed. It is low and sleek with great lines. It's the perfect lounger. I just love the multi functionality and clean modern look.

New T-shirts!

I finally figured the overlay out and now the highlights to the shoes add up perfectly. I made this one for Betsy from The Foundling who I posted about earlier. I will put some in my shop soon.

Thursday, June 21

OohLaLA I love this blue!

I found this gorgeous blue kitchen on Beach Bungalow 8 , a new favorite blog of mine. Megan has a great eye for everything fresh and beachy. I am so glad I discovered it. Please check it out. This kitchen was originally posted by Erin Nola, check out her flicker page of inspirational rooms, they are great as well. I just love this kitchen!!

Wednesday, June 20

Little Lady

This is one of my favorite photographs I took in Alphabet City in New York. It was just perched up on this fence in an alley. As an urban explorer to find such a beautiful serene image in the middle of the chaos of the city was very exciting. Like a little treasure. I just put it up in my shop.

Tuesday, June 19

New silkscreened t-shirts and hoodies!

Here's an early look at my new silk screened t-shirts and hoodies. I'm still finding the overlay to be a bit tricky, as the definition of the shoes isn't as clear as I'd like. This is from my Shoes On A Wire photograph. Let me know what you think! I'm still working on them. I would love some feedback like, favorite color combos, etc.

Monday, June 11

I'm glad I found the Foundling!

Have you found the Foundling? I love fellow Etsian and Flickr friend Betsy Carr's designs. She uses vintage, found, recycled or re-purposed materials. She has a fabulous line of handmade necklaces, earings, hair pins and more. Her color design is exquisite and extremely refreshing with her pairing of gorgeous soft blues, greens and reds paired against black wire. I find that each piece tells a story and I'm sure one will speak to you. Check out her site above or her Etsy store.

Friday, June 8

Shoes on a wire!

This is my new stencil from my photograph of SHOES ON A WIRE. Chris at stencil planet was kind enough to do it. I can't wait to start making t-shirts and sweatshirts with it. What do you think?The foreground image can be any two colors and the background color will be that of the fabric.

Thursday, June 7

So many books so little time....OohLala!

I love books. I love the way they feel and look. I love the promise they have of a good story. I love everything about them. I never know though how to arrange them! Here are some ideas that inspired me from Domino's small spaces gallery.

Wednesday, June 6

Happy Father's Day!

I was away for a week. Now i'm back and will be posting again. In honor of father's day I wanted to put this photo I love in my shop. It's so sweet. I just caught this father and son duo as they passed by.