Tuesday, August 19

Monday, August 11

Love abounds!

I have been busy making thank you cards for my friend for her wedding. I will be back soon!

Friday, August 8

Is LA really going green?

How great would it be if the city of LA actually implements this plan that was conjured up in 2 weeks by interns in an intensive two week workshop. I hope to see this soon. I'd definitely consider a loft downtown if they did. Check out the whole article here.

Thursday, August 7

Real Estalker

Curious about the Rich and Famous! What to see their pad. Check out Real Estalker. Here is Natalie Portman's swanky loft for sale. You have a cool 6 mil hanging around, right?
I also like artist Leslie Bartletts pad:
Click on the photos to view larger.

Oohlala Love this Desk!

How great is this desk from Swissmiss: