Wednesday, May 30

My First Photography Show: London

45-47 Broadwick Street, Soho, London

Up currently until the end of July. Please stop by, blog about it, post about it and help me kindly spread the word. 

Friday, May 11

The Other Art Fair

I had the great pleasure of going to the opening of a wonderful exhibition called THE OTHER ART FAIR in Marylebone yesterday. I didn't really know what to expect and arrived to a line around the block of excited people ready to see some new artists. That was a wonderful site. Just when I thought people didn't care too much about buying art anymore. The idea of the show is to connect people who want to buy art from the latest emerging talent directly with the artists themselves. Located in P3 Ambika on Marylebone Lane the show will run through the 13th so get your tickets now. It is a wonderful exhibition of talent and I was very impressed with not only the level of talent but the layout and fun of the show itself. Get there early to avoid lines! Here are some pics:
Dan Hillier's work was stunning. I wanted to buy numerous pieces and they were going quite quickly. My favourite was 'Father Stag' in a tuxedo.

 Soozy Lipsey was a standout favourite of mine. Soozy collects old objects and then puts them together in a way that tells a story. I fell in love with 'a case of butterflies'. Simply brilliant.

Bag lady is also quite a fun. It was inspired by the fact that people called her that for always collecting things.

'Memoirs of a lost time' is a collaboration of photography and storytelling by a duo, Vikram Kushwah and Trisha Sakhlecha. The photos were stunning and magical. I just love the horse in the middle.

Tom's had a great 'Design your own shoes' booth.


Sun Ok Kang's black and white deck chair series was breathtaking which you can see better on her site and the neon framing was gorgeous.

  Juliana Manara's photography was whimsical and playful. I loved the black and whites.
 Hope you get a chance to check it out!