Wednesday, June 18

OohLaLa Ohdeedoh!!

My new favorite site is Ohdeedoh - Apartment Therapy's site featuring home/design/children. It's simply wonderful! I'm absolutely delighted by all their wonderful design ideas that foster imagination, play and learning in kids spaces! Here are some of my favorite images from my first little peek around their site:

Thursday, June 12

OohLaLa Urban Outfitters!

I don't normally blog about clothes and things but I'm really loving Urban Outfitters. Aren't these cute?:

Sunday, June 8

Friday, June 6

OohLaLa beach wedding!

I love the blog Snippet and Ink. Kathryn always puts together the most wonderful inspirations boards. I am currently helping to plan one of my best friend's wedding so you may see a bit more wedding stuff for a little while. Please stop by the Snippet and Ink blog and check it out. I just love these two boards for a beach wedding: