Wednesday, September 26

OohLaLa Christopher Baker

I love the photography of Christopher Baker. His interiors and photography are very inspirational. I want to post everything from his site but I know that would be too much. Here are some of my favorites. I urge you to go to Art-Dept to see more:

I'm also curious to flip through his books. Here are two on roses that look great:
I'm most interested in this book, THE NATURAL CUISINE OF GEORGES BLANC. Sounds like there would be some really wonderful organic recipes in here:

Tuesday, September 25


This is from my photo-blog called 2 AND FRO :
2 and Fro ('ən-frō') defined as - movement back and forth. This is a photojournal of my daily commute. We all do it. Get up every morning. Get in the car. Take the same streets. Stop at the same lights. Drive the same path over the same bumps. This is my attempt to make the mundane interesting. I will take a photo to and from work everyday in hopes that all this commuting adds up to something interesting. In the words of Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." So.... stay, have a look around, enjoy!

Monday, September 24

OohLaLa fall is coming!

Fall is definitely in the air. It just smells different. I love it. The slight chill makes you want to curl up with a blanket, hot cocoa and a good book. If you're lucky a fire. Although knowing LA it will be 100 again before no time. In the meantime here are some rooms from House To Home to get you in the mood:

Don't you just want to curl up by the fire!

Saturday, September 22

Oh what a night!

I was very fortunate to grab this series of shots just after the rainstorm today:

Yummy Knittles...a rainbow of flavors!

M and Oz are two sisters that make the most wonderful hats and have a line of knitted items called Knittles! I have been in search of a hat for cold weather and wanted something more sophisticated and stylish than a skull cap. I also didn't want something too sophisticated like a real hat. I finally found what I was looking for at Knittles! They also have all sorts of great knitted items for adults and kids. I want them all! Here are some from their etsy store:

This is one I bought called Ruski:
This is Jasper:
This is Eddy:

This neckwarmer is called Gretchen:
This one is called Sprout for a baby:

Thursday, September 20

Hang it up!

My mom, an incredibly talented artist, not only hangs her paintings in featured spots around the house but also in the garage, laundry room, pantry, etc. Why you might ask? Her philosophy is, "You should always have something beautiful to look, at no matter where you are, or what you're doing". I love and live by this philosophy. Why shouldn't you feel uplifted and inspired when getting dressed, or driving into the garage, or washing clothes? That is as good a time as any. As my friend Mark always says, "The time is always now!".

I love this idea from Domino Magazine of using bright wallpaper on the inside of the closet. Doesn't this look fresh and cheerful! (see their website for details on where to buy)

Check out this rustic fun laundry room from Cottage Living:
Here is my closet that I call The Audrey Closet. Every time I walk in it I see this magnificent woman and I stand up a bit straighter and smile:

If anyone knows of any other photos of Art or Design ides for spaces like these please let me know. It was very hard to find some.

Wednesday, September 19

OohLaLa Patricia Gray!

I honestly don't remember how I came across Patricia Gray but boy am I glad I did. What an extraordinarily talented designer! She has the most wonderful eye for modern interior design that is hard to put into words. It is fresh, chic, modern, fun, animated, warm and cool. She also is a specialist in Feng-Shui. Perhaps she will give us some tips. I will be posting more on Patricia Gray soon but in the meantime check out her blog, it is a source of great inspiration. I particularly like these images she posted from John Stefanidis:

OohLaLa Gustav!

This Gustavian Vintage bed is made by VivaTerra from reclaimed Douglas Fir. The bed is modeled after Sweden's King Gustav who had an eye for modern flare even 250 years ago. If you covered it with a brightly colored comforter and some great throw pilllows you will be uber stylish while being eco-friendly! Also, check out the reclaimed wood tables at the end of the bed which is a nice touch.

Tuesday, September 18

Thank you STORQUE!

A big thank you to Etsy for featuring my latest photo Sunshine On A Cloudy Day in their new e-zine called THE STORQUE! Check it out. It's a great way to see what's new on Etsy!

Monday, September 17

Birds On A Wire Napkin Rings!

I just made these from vintage French picture frame napkin rings. Aren't they wonderful! Let me know what you think!

My favorite kitchens and nooks!

These are a few of my favorite kitchens and nooks from Domino that I look at over and over again. They are just so fresh and modern. I love them and thought I would share them!

The pink and striped wallpaper with these furniture style cabinets that provide a great contrast to the clean lines of the marble table makes for a very modern and chic kitchen. I'd call it the Hepburn kitchen:
I love this tile. It feels like you're on a Greek Island and is so fresh:
This soft blue feels very French and is so soothing. Makes me want to cook things that involve pastry dough:
I love this blue and black combo, obviously as they're my signature colors, and think this is a fun twist for a modern kitchen:
A fire place in the kitchen is so cozy, I love this feeling:
How great is this wallpaper! I love the butterflies:
I love breakfast nooks and bars! The marble here is so clean and fresh and the modern photography over the couch is just my kind of space. This is one of my all time favorite photos:
This is my second favorite photo, as I love how bright and cheerful the space is and think the wall of photos is fantastic: