Saturday, May 29

Wednesday, May 26

OhLaLa London Bound!

A new blog for my new life in London! I've switched the name of my blog and the look but it's still same old me. The new focus will be inspirations from London and everything British. Hope you enjoy it and please spread the word to your friends and readers. Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see!
Photos via Pink Lemonade

Saturday, May 22

More ideas for my little room in London

My room in London is tiny and I'm trying find inspiration. I'm thinking all white, maybe a mirror over the fireplace, two scones and possibly a decal bed frame. Here are some inspirational photos:

From House to Home:

From Living Etc.

Elephannie: removeable wall decal

Our Little House Blog
Love the idea of putting the bed lengthwise with the sconces above and lots of pillows so it's almost like a couch during the day.
via Design Sponge
Love this and forget where it's from:

Sunday, May 16


It is true. I'm taking the big leap and moving to London. I will be living in Fulham and I am quite excited. Goodbye sun, goodbye beach, hello pubs, hello tea time! Have you been? What did you love about it? Where did you eat, shop, play?

Di from Designers Block- I hope to finally meet you!

My room is 9x9 and the same size as a bouncy house blow up castle. I have no idea how I will fit all my things in it: 8 boxes of clothes, shoes, bags, etc. my computer, a bed, a desk? (probably not) all currently in the middle of the Atlantic. 3 duffel bags and 1 carry on, not to mention my camera equipment. I will be sharing the house with 2 other friends so I will have to contain my belongings to my room for the most part. I haven't lived with people in like 8 years! I'm totally excited and nervous. How many bad habits have I accumulated when nobody has been watching.

Here is a picture of my new room which is awaiting a full size bed instead of the chair:
Here are some inspiration images I found. I just don't know what to do with this room!

viaThe Lil Bee
This first pic is my favorite - that side table is great!
This just looks like the coziest bed in the world!Love the little fairy lights!via Apartment Therapy
Love the graphic prints and colors in this room:
Clever to put the bed lengthwise and match the headboard the same way:Love that pop of color!via Soul Prettyvia Concrete Jungle
My old apartment and bedroom which I think is similar in size: Apartment Therapy tour here:
Or do I have them put in a single bed? What do you think?
via Micklagard
Or maybe I'll just sleep outside! If only it were Greece!
If you find any inspirational images please post links here! Cheers!