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Friday, February 22

Ooh La La turn up the heat!

I really want an infra red sauna! Saunas are great for your health (read here) as they allow your body to sweat out toxins and acids that wouldn't normal exit the body. They make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and younger. The one above is from Costco. When I build or buy Bueller's Dream House I will be getting one of these:

Wa Sauna
Clearlight Infrared Sauna
Luna Klein Sauna

Thera Sauna
Bella Sole Spa

Thursday, February 21

Oh so stylish even if it's storage!

I love great storage inspiration. Just because it's on a shelf doesn't mean it can't be pretty! Here are some ideas from Living Etc.:

Domino goes Green!

My earlier post got corrupted so here it is again. This issue of Domino is absolutely amazing! I definitely dog eared every page. It is chalk full of eco-nomic (my new favorite word), eco-friendly goodness!! I will be looking at it again and again. I can't believe that all of these wonderful items and home decor ideas are good for the environment! Why would you buy anything else? I urge everyone to get it and be inspired! Here are some highlights:

I was blown away and totally inspired by Lili Diallo's loft. It makes me dream of the one I will have one day!

The life of Liz Gilbert adventure woman and photographer looks absolutely fabulous!

Great article called UTTERLY SPOTLESS. All sorts of great ideas including a broom made of cereal!

A great article on SLEEPING PEACEFULLY. I love the latex bed.

I loved loved loved the piece on Lauren Bush and her travel routine. Especially her FEED bag that goes to helping feed the world of those in need. What a great cause and what a great bag!

And what green goddess doesn't want a tree house!!

Saturday, February 16

My latest and greatest!

I have been so busy I haven't gotten around to working on my photographs from Maui. These will soon be in my Etsy shop. I kind of love them, I have to say!

Thursday, February 14

OohLaLa tres chic!

My dad sent me a great story in the New York Times about Kate Bank's beautiful 100 year old French country home. It's simply stunning. I LOVE the blue shutters. Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, February 12

A & R a global design mecca!

Gold Deer Belt BuckleAndy Griffith a former film editor and Rose Apodaca a pop culture style journalist sure have a nose for style. A & R is a fantastic online source for everything sleek, functional and beautiful. If you are in LA you can also check them out in Silverlake and Venice! Here are some of my faves:

Ghost Candelabra
Wood PlacematsHand-Blown Glass Terrariums
USB Mixed Tape
Solo Coffee Brewer

Herb Savor

Mix and Measure Bowls
Standing Grass Garden Frame