Tuesday, May 29

OohLaLa a beach cottage.....

I've always wanted a beach cottage. Cottage Living has the most wonderful inspiration rooms. These rooms feel so beachy you can almost hear the crashing waves, smell the ocean and feel the sand between your toes! They are full of wonderful ideas....so many inspiration rooms, so little time....

Sunday, May 27

Write a little note.....

I am a big fan of the written word. In this day and age when everything is electronic and slowly losing that personal touch it is so meaningful when someone takes the time out of their busy day to put pen to paper just for you. I have found that I like to do this more and more often for my friends and family either for a special occasion but moreover just to say hi, or say thanks for being there for me! Thus, Bueller Designs note card line was born...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tuesday, May 22

OohLala so refreshing!

This room reminds me of something that should be in a french cottage in Provence or perhaps the coast of Spain or Greece. It's so fresh and clean. I love how it just blends in with the outdoors. It screams of summers spent at the pool and mozzarella tomato salads!

Sunday, May 20

Trader Joe's makes shopping fun!

I love my new Trader Joe's shopping bags! At around $2 each they are quite the bargain and environmentally friendly too. They also have a durable slick finish so unlike cloth ones they can easily be wiped off which makes upkeep easy! I also got this beautiful little lavender plant in a gorgeous Grecian pot!

Made in Napa Valley!

You too can be a domestic goddess with these wonderful meat/fish/poultry rubs from Made In Napa Valley. I love to support home grown, California made food companies and Made In Napa Valley is just fantastic. Jane has a wonderful company that they started from scratch and all their products will help anyone be a chef extraordinaire in no time. Just rub your chicken/fish/pork, etc. with these special rubs, add a little olive oil and voila a tasty dinner in minutes! After you cook it of course. I love the packaging too!
They have a wonderful selection of mustard as well as wonderful marinades, oils and more:

Check out the Made In Napa Valley website! Not only do they have a wonderful selection of products they also have recipes for all their items! So it's pretty fool proof if you're domestically challenged like myself!

Friday, May 18

Everything's just beachy....

Areo home has the most wonderful beach and sea life themed home accents. They will make you hear the sound of the crashing waves and smell the sea air. Your home will feel like a Nantucket sea cottage in no time!

I love these beautiful porcelain pots. The sea life illustrations are incredible.
This beautiful mermaid bottle opener would look great on any wall or resting on a bar.

These wonderful beach themed matches will be great to light those large hard to reach hurricane lamps.

This beautiful wood mermaid will look wonderful on any wall or perched on a bookshelf.

Thursday, May 17

Organization can be fun.....I swear!!

These trays and pencil cups are so fun and colorful you will want to put things in them. They will help to not only keep you organized but also to look stylish! I found them on SeeJaneWork:

Wednesday, May 16

Ooh LaLa such a cute desk!

This desk from Room & Board is so cute and colorful it will brighten up any corner you have to work in. Small enough to not overtake a space and wonderfully functional to sort everything you need!

Tuesday, May 15

The writing is on the walls....OohLaLa

I've always wanted to try this. What a fun way to liven up a tiny space. A little black chalkboard paint, some bright color to add some contrast against the white walls, and you've got a fresh modern kitchen for next to nothing! Also makes for a good place to write your shopping list. I found this in Living Etc.'s online gallery.
I also fell in love with this bedroom. If I had this room I'd never get up. A cup of tea and a good book or laptop, OohLaLa!

New passport holders!

I just received my fabulous new passport holders made with the help of fellow Etsian, Vital Industries. They feature Bueller Designs Luggage photograph and have a beautiful crimson red lining. I am just so excited about how they turned out and I will be putting them in my Etsy store this week!

Friday, May 11


There is a Poliform store right by my house and everyday I drive by it and look in the window in awe. The other day I actually went inside and I immediately fell in love with their designs. From huge photographs and wall hangings to clean modern bookcases they are the epitome of modern yet warm designs. I love these rooms that I foud on their website and find them to be a great source of inspiration.

Thursday, May 10

Time to get up!!!

These alarm clocks from Green Grass Design are so pretty you won't mind getting up at the crack of dawn. They are also very nifty as you just push it over to turn it off. No more snooze!!

Beauty and Safety, what more do you want?

I love these beautiful oven mitts from Orange Lola. They are so bright and cheerful and would go great in any kitchen. They will also protect your hands! What a bonus! Aren't they adorable? They also have a lovely selection of candles and arts and crafts, more of which I will write about soon.

Wednesday, May 9

I always wanted a Bread Crock!

I'm not exactly sure what a Bread Crock is but isn't it cute! I want one anyway. I found this in The Conran Shop as well and with it's bright blue and white stripes it will liven up any kitchen.

They have more in the series and with items like, a utensils jar for organization!
A wonderful pudding basin. It's so hard to find a good pudding basin these days!
A great milk jug. I can almost taste the icy cold milk!
They'll make anyone feel like a domestic goddess! I feel like one just looking at them.