Monday, October 29

My new x-mas ornaments!

These are my new christmas ornaments on ceramic tile. They are 3 inches in diameter and don't photograph nearly as bright and shiny as they really are. Now in my shop!

Saturday, October 27

OohLaLa Posh!

Some new items from my favorite shop POSH in Chicago:
French Hotel Candels:
Daisy Flower Pot:
French Stamps:
Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers:
Spoon Rest:
Vintage Glasses:
Egg White Soaps (my mom swears by these for her youthful looks!):
Coat Hanger:

Friday, October 26

Some of my new shots!

On my new website:
Feedback always welcome!

Ooh La La Before and After!

Domino Magazine has a wonderful collection of before and after photos. I was very inspired by the easy changes that make such a huge difference in the rooms. Here are some of my favorites:

Wednesday, October 24

OohLaLa a Green Tub!

Okay so it's not really green in color; however, it is good for the environment. My Trading Company (which is the name of the company, it's not actually mine) specializes in gathering the best of Europe's innovative designs. The company is run by Gioanna Brorson, an interior design expert from Denmark, and takes great care to protect the environment. They work closely with Agencies such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) and the EU to make sure the wood they use will not be from illegally forested areas and will not deplete or hurt the environment. I'd love to see these made of bamboo which is a completely sustainable material. Just an idea!!!
This photo below is of a completely Eco-friendly bathroom designed by Livable Design Interiors in Sag Harbor, NY. I think I'm going to have to check them out. is up!

I have been working very hard on my new website which is much more of a portfolio, in addition to my Etsy shop. What do you think? Check it out here!

Thank you Apryll Annie

Thank you Apryll Annie for featuring my photography and writing such wonderful things about Bueller Designs. I was especially excited that she chose to feature my work from NY. These are two of my favorite shots. For those of you that don't know Apryll she is an interior designe student in Sydney, Australia. She has a wonderful blog Apryll Annie: the ardor of design that is wonderful to check out.

Tuesday, October 23

Ooh La La.....I have the blues!

We are all cooped up because of all the fires and I have the blues. The good kind though thanks to Living Etc. Aren't these rooms wonderful!

Monday, October 22

Diptychs are so much fun!

I've been playing around with Diptychs. I still have a lot of ideas but these new ones are a lot of fun. What do you think?

Sunday, October 21

New Baby.....Kitty that is!

There are many of us who think of our pets like kids or part of the family. When someone has a new baby they send out announcements to celebrate their arrival. Well what about your new little furry friends! When I saw this Cat announcement in the Etsy shop The Modern Pet I thought it was perfect. She has one for dogs too! It's tasteful, cute and totally adorable for your newest member!

The Modern Pet was started by a passionate vet student who loves animals and the environment. It is a wonderful shop with an Eco-friendly twist offering Hemp and Organic Cotton collars as well as discounts if you send in old collars or shampoo bottles. There are also wonderful leashes for dogs and cats and many other goodies. Please also check out for biodegradable doggie bags, kitty box liners, Eco-friendly shampoos and much much more.

Wednesday, October 17


Durat is a company out of Finland as well as a material in and of itself. By reusing plastics from Scandinavia, the Durat Company recycles them into a colorful moldable material called Durat. On top of using recyclables Durat itself is 100% recyclable. This is such a great company with the most beautiful sleek and modern designs. I am very excited to have discovered them and I hope you will be too. One of these tubs will surely be in the Bueller Dream House. Oooh La La!


My best friend just had her second baby and with a 2 year old boy already she has her hands full. What better gift for a mom than a baby sling! I remember my mom telling me how wonderful they were and how much the baby loves to be near the mama's heart. My friend was a little skeptical, afraid the baby would fall out or something, but once she tried Babe-a-gogo's baby sling she was a changed woman. Aren't they cute!

Babe-a-gogo was started by a mom who needed more hands and so her slings were born, so to speak. She has a wonderful eye for modern fabrics and designs that are very hip and cool. There are many different colors, styles and patterns to suit anyone and everyone. She even references websites and articles for first time baby slingers which my friend found extremely helpful and made her feel comfortable trying it out. My friend is such a believer now that she doesn't know how she has gone without one for so long!

Babe-a-gogo also has many other wonderful items for babies (blankets, burp cloths, bibs and more):

So if you need some baby gifts or some things for yourself please visit Babe-a-gogo's etsy shop: