Thursday, July 31

Ohh la your patio!

I would love my patio if had these chairs or this gazebo! At these prices maybe I could! Check them out at Love My Patio:

I want this one:

Monday, July 28

OohLaLa my favorite !

This is one of my favorite kitchens and houses for that matter. I first saw the Radziner-Cottle House in The New York Times in April. I remember how much I just fell in love with this bright airy sunken kitchen. What I loved most about it was the split level and where one would be used to seeing stools there were big suede bean bag seats. I just love that. I had forgotten about it until I just came across it again on Apartment Therapy. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 22

Ooh La La like a Summer Breeze!

I love this house of photographer Amy Neunsinger and Shawn Gold in Los Angeles. I found it on Martha Stewart. I remember seeing her studio in Blueprint awhile back and have always imagined as one I'd like to have. Here are some photos:

Monday, July 21

I'm back!

Hello my lovely readers! Are you still hanging in with me? I just got back from NY and will be up and blogging gorgeous inspiration rooms in the next day or two. In the meantime I've been shooting like mad and here are some of my new shots for my shop:

Monday, July 7

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Here are some new photos for my shop from my trip to Santa Cruz this weekend:

Thursday, July 3

Dream a little Dream

I love these outdoor wonderlands from Domino Magazine Online. I want to spend time in all of them!!