Saturday, September 24


Wish list for new flat!

How cute is this tiny little studio? I would love a place like this in London. My wish list:
  • old hardwood floors
  • white clean walls and bright bathroom
  • light and cheerful
  • quiet and calming bedroom
  • a feeling of playfulness
  • walking distance to high street shops
  • coffee shop around the corner for weekend reading
  • walking distance to tube
  • washer dryer / oven and stove
  • cozy in winter and cool in summer
  • bathtub for those cold winter days 
  • and allow a little kitty like this one
What would your wish list be?

GUEST BLOG: from Shylock Books

I'm Rose Kingsley, my book review site, Shylock Books, has a weekly photography feature for novel writing inspiration, and I would like to share my thoughts on how inspiration in the form of a snapshot can become a window into something spectacular.


There are countless ways to bottle inspiration. Reading a Jane Austen book, going for a walk along the Seine, watching an Italian film, or a whirlwind romance with a handsome stranger you met in Trafalgar Square. I'm asked quite often, “Where does inspiration come from?”

My answer, “I harvest it.”

That usually stumps the inquirer.

The Drifter and the Gypsy

Many writers are faced with this question daily. Where does inspiration come from? Can you buy it in a store, like bread and eggs? Is it a commodity to invest in? Or is it simply a far away muse that can only be tapped into if the diva allows it?


Inspiration for writers, both young and old, is not tangible. It is different for each person. We experience the world through a pair of eyes, and a pair of hands. Photography has provided a glorious window for a moment in time to be captured, and many authors will say a certain photo grabbed them so intensely that they wrote an entire book trying to explain it all.

The flea

Lois Lowry, who is most famous for writing “The Giver” was inspired by bunch of unwanted photos in an antique store, that she purchased them all and wrote a book surrounded the exact photos she'd found. That book became “The Silent Boy.” And although inspiration, like love, can't be bought, but it can be found in the strangest of places.

Estudio Domus

Where would J.K. Rowling be if she hadn't ridden on that train and found the nucleus of the Harry Potter series dropped into her lap? Where would Stephenie Meyer be without the dream about an ordinary human girl falling in love with a vampire? Where would most of the publishing world be without these tiny sparks of inspiration?


Photography allows me to “harvest” inspiration in the forms of little scenes, captured in time. One day, it may be the right time, the right moment, when a pretty picture could spark the beginnings of a book idea. Harvest your inspiration like you harvest love.
Sow the seeds and search out your inspiration in the beautiful world out there, and you'll reap inspiration in the most unlikely places.

Autumn Woods

Shylock Books

Sunday, September 18

High Hopes


Hi, all, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a community where interior designers, home enthusiasts, and other design professionals showcase their design projects, share inspirations, and network. My writing focuses on interior design, home furnishings, gardening and travel. Like most of us, I’m more of an armchair traveler so I was thrilled to be asked by From London with Love to write about British Interiors and decorating ideas. Being a huge Anglophile, I am in love with British interiors; there is just something so innately stylish about them. Cheers!
Marcus Design Inc.
Marcus Design Inc. via
Love the postage stamp inspired fuchsia poster of the Queen in this contemporary space. Pink, blue and white are a twist on the classic red, white and blue of the Union Jack. Perfect for an Anglophile.
Marcus Design Inc.
Marcus Design Inc. via
This crown wallpaper is a contemporary tongue-in-cheek nod to the British Royalty. It would look amazing in a powder room or bedroom.
Antique Decor
Chikka Boom via
Another play on a British classic, the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster that has become a style icon. Love the dark teal walls and the mix of antiques and vintage pieces.
Antique British Interior
Gallery Me via
This charming boys' bedroom is filled with British charm and bedroom design ideas. The antique chest of drawers between the twin beds acts as a nightstand for both. Love the mix of vintage inspired linens, patterned grey area rug and a wall of vintage prints.
British Library Decor
Diary of a Dandelion Diva via
What could be more British than the Wren Library of Trinity College at Cambridge? Classical lines, marble bust, deep wood bookcases, black and white checkerboard floors—these would make for a great dining room or library or even home office.
English Living Room
Eclectic Revisted via
This classic English living room is a riot of patterns in subdued tones. Love the glossy black ceiling that gives the room a cozy feeling. Antiques and art lend an aristocratic air to the room.
British Interior
House and Home via
British interiors span the gamut from contemporary to proper traditional. One of the most beloved British interiors is the English country cottage. Traditional yet comfortable, the roll arm sofa is a classic for any British interior.
British Living Room
Houzz via
An example of British Colonial style, this living room mixes traditional furniture styles with exotic textiles and rugs. Love the botanic prints of birds on the wall. This space is filled to overflowing with ideas for living room designs.

This post was created by Design Shuffle, a social-media network for designers and design enthusiasts all over the country, with special emphasis on Los Angeles interior designers and New York interior designers.

Saturday, September 17

Come Blog With Me!

Brunch at Saks
I am looking for some fabulous guest bloggers. If you have ideas or would like to post about fashion, home decor, inspirational images...etc.

please send an email to:

You will need to know how to send me the html code for the post so that it is ready to go and all image sources must be noted. Can't wait to hear from you!

Love from London!

Dream House

Via Pinterest

Dance dance dance!

Sunday, September 11

Come Blog with Me!

Hi everyone! I'm looking for Guest Bloggers. My life right now is a bit crazy with my new job that I love. My room looks a bit like this:
So I am looking for some fabulous guest bloggers. If you have ideas or would like to post about fashion, home decor, inspirational images, anything on London or the UK please send an email to:
You will need to know how to send me the html code for the post so that it is ready to go and all image sources must be noted. Can't wait to hear from you!

Love from London!