Friday, March 9

Guest Post: Love these rooms!

By Trisha Jones

If you are among the growing number of interior design enthusiasts who adore both the elegance of a more minimal concept and the flamboyance of injecting a bit of colour – these rooms will be right up your street!

Hot pink

No one can deny the pizzazz this gorgeous hot pink sofa brings to the chic white interior. Using one central point of colour to warm up a simple room is a great way of bringing new life to your home, without all the work of renovating everything. Another great thing about this design is the use of coloured accessories, like the multi-coloured books, to compliment the hot pink and add some more depth to the room. Even if hot pink isn’t quite your thing, the same concept would work well with any vibrant colour of your choice!

Subtle blues

Although I live in Berlin, I have often thought that a more traditional, countrified kitchen would be perfect for me. However, living in an urban environment, I don’t want to go too far down the farmhouse route, as it seems slightly unauthentic. So, when I saw this kitchen, I was thrilled to see that it struck the perfect balance between the two. This hearty, thick, wonderfully-crafted table has something very rustic and dependable about it – a table you can grow old with! This table and the spattering of blue on the tiled floor give this space something special, unique and extremely cool.

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Sarah said...

I adore that pop of pink! I need to inject some pink in our house. We live near Trier - wish we were in a bigger city like Berlin! ;o)