Sunday, May 16


It is true. I'm taking the big leap and moving to London. I will be living in Fulham and I am quite excited. Goodbye sun, goodbye beach, hello pubs, hello tea time! Have you been? What did you love about it? Where did you eat, shop, play?

Di from Designers Block- I hope to finally meet you!

My room is 9x9 and the same size as a bouncy house blow up castle. I have no idea how I will fit all my things in it: 8 boxes of clothes, shoes, bags, etc. my computer, a bed, a desk? (probably not) all currently in the middle of the Atlantic. 3 duffel bags and 1 carry on, not to mention my camera equipment. I will be sharing the house with 2 other friends so I will have to contain my belongings to my room for the most part. I haven't lived with people in like 8 years! I'm totally excited and nervous. How many bad habits have I accumulated when nobody has been watching.

Here is a picture of my new room which is awaiting a full size bed instead of the chair:
Here are some inspiration images I found. I just don't know what to do with this room!

viaThe Lil Bee
This first pic is my favorite - that side table is great!
This just looks like the coziest bed in the world!Love the little fairy lights!via Apartment Therapy
Love the graphic prints and colors in this room:
Clever to put the bed lengthwise and match the headboard the same way:Love that pop of color!via Soul Prettyvia Concrete Jungle
My old apartment and bedroom which I think is similar in size: Apartment Therapy tour here:
Or do I have them put in a single bed? What do you think?
via Micklagard
Or maybe I'll just sleep outside! If only it were Greece!
If you find any inspirational images please post links here! Cheers!