Wednesday, March 26

OohLaLa I love Eclectic!

I don't know if anyone was a fan of Escape From Witch Mountain when they were little but I was. I loved that movie. Especially the part when the little girl gets to the mansion and is given the room of her dreams. There was even an ice cream parlor in there! This reminds me of that feeling. I don't know if I could live with it forever but it sure is fun to look at it. I saw this house on Living Etc. and just loved it! It feels like a modern day Marie Antoinette.


Di Overton said...

The wallpaper in the bottom picture is gorgeous - faded grandeur!

SimplyGrove said...

Gorgeous Rooms! Great post.

acaligurl said...

the chair in the top pic is AMAZING!
awesome post!!! (again ;)