Friday, January 4

Love this room!


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Anonymous said...

Hello from Germany, Alysia!!! I wanted to say HELLO and A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!! I love in Germany, not far away from Cologne and I am married to a Scotsman, so we speak English and German at home. But my English is not that good, so don't worry, if it is a bit funny to read ;o)))

I was googeling for "London" and "Paris" because I thought, it would be nice (after a looooong time) to visit both cities again this year. So I arrived on your wonderful blog! I will bookmark it and come back soon!!

Have a happy & relaxing weekend!! Lony from Germany. (I do also have a blog, it is in German language but I am thinking of doing it in English so more people can read it ;-) -->

Byyyyyyyyyyyye x