Saturday, August 18

More from my flat..

My flat is very tiny so everything I have must serve a purpose whether it's storage or function. I love these versatile Idaho Modular Shelves from FASHION FOR HOME. I wish I could put them on my wall but because I'm renting I can't drill them in. You can adjust them so they fit whatever space you have. The wood is a beautiful walnut and they are custom made to order. I can't recommend this company enough. They have outstanding quality and customer service. The wood is just beautiful. None of that particle board or compressed wood. You just can't beat quality. I also love their super adjustable Capella Lamp. It's small but I love it!

So many possibilities it's great for small spaces.
Tea Towels from La Cerise Sur Le Gateau

Essential Reading

Vintage Banting from The Cloth House in Soho

Custom 'Let's Shag' pillow by Sew English. I would also love to add her 'Eat More Bacon' and 'Have More Sex' pillows to my collection one day. Check out her shop it's just fantastic. The bike and camera pillows are from John Lewis
and of course essential bedside reading from Windsor Castle


chocolatchaudalacannelle said...

Hi! Very nice appartement! Greetings from Poland :)

Accidental Londoner said...

Looks like a gorgeous space, very calming. And I'm lusting after your shelves...! Having just stumbled across your blog I'll follow with interest.

Jagoda said...

Hi! Yours flat look really great and fantastic. I'm happy that I founded your side in the internet. I love London and i hope that i'll have a chance to be there in the nearest time. Best regards!

Anonymous said...

wow u have really nice flat , i'd like to have the same :) good job ! Natalie from Poland