Thursday, July 12

The Flat: A Peek

This is just a peek at my flat. It is a very big challenge to live in a 10x10 flat. I love it and I wouldn't change a thing. It is a little bit like living on a boat or in a trailer. Luckily it doesn't rock. Unfortunately I can't drive it all over Europe. My neighborhood is amazing. I live in an area of London called Portman Village that is fast becoming a great little hideaway for unique shops and restaurants. More on that at a later date.

I always find it hard moving into places where you didn't chose the furniture, can't change anything or put things on the walls. It's a fun challenge though and I always love getting creative.

Below is the Italian, sleeper-sofa. A European equivalent to a futon and yet so not equivalent. It's not that comfortable but it is very functional. It works. It's pretty. It came with the flat. So voila!
"Let's Shag"! I adore this handmade pillow by Sew English on Etsy. Please check out Lynn's shop. If I could I would buy them all but I'll have to settle for giving them as presents as I simply don't have the room. My other favourite is one that says "Eat More Bacon". They are fantastically well made with hand sewn felt letters and has the perfect softness to the touch.
These other two pillows are from John Lewis where you can always find great things.
My pals at NEGS blew up a photograph I took in Soho in NYC on rag paper that we then tore the edges of to make it look more messy. I hung it with bull clips to save money on framing. I always believe small places need big art.

 I love this lamp from Fashion For Home. This is a great company out of Berlin. Most everything is made to order which affords great quality at a reasonable price. They have the most fantastic home furnishings that are so much better in quality than Ikea. This is a great lamp for such a small space as you can adjust it to do practically anything you want.
Well there's your first peek at my little place! Hope you like it! Do you want to see more?

xo From London With Love ☂


tara king said...

Yes please! I'm moving into a tiny in-law in San Francisco and am looking for advice about living in such a small self contained space! More pics and advice about the daily living in a compact flat :)

roulette gratuit said...

I like the style! So nice! Thanks for sharing!