Saturday, February 18

Honest Burger - Brixton Market - best burger in London

HONESTLY the most amazing burger I've ever had. Juicy tender burgers provided by The Ginger Pig and fresh baked gluten free buns from Wag. Yummmmmmm!!!!!! I can't explain it you just have to go get one! I may move to Brixton just for Honest Burgers. I'm actually kind of serious. Brixton reminds me of Brooklyn years ago before it became so gentrified. Check it out. You won't be sorry!


Kerry said...

Looks so good!! I'm not a red meat eater but the fries or chips as you say and the chicken or fritter sound delish!

......From London With Love said...

I'm sure everything is amazing! I rarely eat red meat and it just melted in my mouth. I trust the source of The Ginger Pig, the best butcher in London for grass fed. So good!