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As promised here is the first review for the FLWL☂ GUIDE TO GREAT LONDON EATS. My Italian friend Sara and I have had a really fun time eating all over London and wanted to share our finds with you. Every time I go home to California and Sara goes home to Florence people always ask, "How do you manage eating in London? Isn't the food awful and it's so expensive?" Well, the answer is no. London is full of great restaurants with very tasty food that are budget friendly, which is what the FLWL☂ GUIDE TO GREAT LONDON EATS is all about. High quality food that doesn't break the bank. Our choice of restaurants stem from our mutual love of farm fresh local fare, quality food (and when possible sustainably sourced), great atmosphere, budget conscience, and friendly service. It's simple really, we love good food and we know you do too.

Food and health is a passion of ours and we believe food is medicine. If you eat well, you feel well. As many know I am allergic to gluten, dairy from cows, and eggs. I have also been studying health, food, cancer, prevention, nutrition and well being for over 5 years now. Sara too has become passionate about food and well being. It is a great joy for us to share this passion with you. We will make every effort to highlight places where one can find gluten free, vegan and/or vegetarian options in London as this is always a challenge for me and I hope people will find it helpful. Sara will review things that I can't eat so we will be able to cover everything everyone loves. We hope you enjoy our guide. Cheers!

Busaba Eathai is definitely a favourite of both of ours and gets the highest FLWL☂ rating of ☂☂☂☂☂ 5 umbrellas. Most dishes are gluten free / dairy free and those that aren't can be made with tamari soy sauce instead of regular upon request. The main restaurant is made up of square communal tables to encourage sharing and connecting over a great meal. There is no music playing but you never notice because the energy and buzz in the restaurant is so wonderful. They have many locations all over the city including two in the Soho area and one by the Westfield Mall: map here and follow on facebook here.
We tasted an array of dishes most of which are new for their summer menu and wow were they good!

GREEN CHICKEN CURRY: Busaba's green curry is a classic. Hot and spicy. It may overpower some other dishes with more subtle flavours so pair it wisely. It's a very flavourful strong curry and may be best on it's own or following some appetizers. It's nice to have one of their fresh juices to help cut the spice. I love the Nam Polamai which is carrot, apple, celery, dandelion, and nettle.
CHAR-GRILLED DUCK: We thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The duck was so tender and juicy it just melts in your mouth. It is complemented wonderfully by a rich tamarind sauce and comes laid on top of a bed of chinese broccoli. Highly recommend even if you aren't normally a duck fan. 

FRIED CHICKEN: This was a particular favourite of Sara's. The chicken was tender and crispy. The sauce was distinctive and absolutely delicious: a combination of lime juice, sweet chili sauce, and coriander that really sets this dish apart. It has a tangy quality to it that one simply wants more of and comes beautifully presented with swirls of vegetables piled on top.
THAI CALAMARI: We have both eaten our fair share of calamari all over the world and we both agree this is hands down the best we've had. For me it is the only Calamari I've ever had that is gluten free and made with corn flour. I was in heaven. The long cut cylinders of calamari, the crunchiness and mix of seasonings (peppercorn and a hint of ginger) makes this total perfection. It was definitely one we couldn't get enough of. This is easily one of the best items on the Busaba menu. I'd give it a thousand umbrellas if I could. Highly recommend.
BLACK PEPPER BEEF: This was a particularly delicious stir fry, rich and intense in flavour. The meat was tender and complimented by a variety of vegetables including peppers and roasted onions. As one would expect, it's a very peppery dish, but not in an unpleasant way. It didn't stand out as much as others, but we definitely enjoyed this and if you like beef this would be a great dish to order. 
SEN CHAN PAD THAI: A truly unique and original pad thai that truly stands out as a Busaba signature dish by the addition of crab meat and mango. While this sounds unusual it is definitely a winner. If you like pad thai, try this version and you won't be disappointed. Highly recommend!

The cocktails, wine, tea and fresh juice selection is also unique and a reason to keep coming back to Busaba. We both enjoyed a glass of the Chianti Panesio from Barocini Italy which as a wonderful compliment to everything we ate and was highly enjoyed by the Italian herself. Sara says that as far as Italian wine goes it's a great choice for a very reasonable price. Something I didn't try but will next time is the Guava Bellini!

Everyone at Busaba was so enthusiastic and generous we just have to say a big thank you for helping us kick off our first review for: FLWL☂ GUIDE TO GREAT LONDON EATS. We hope you enjoyed this and will have more to come soon! Ciao for now!


Historian said...

that pad thai looks so delicious!! thanks to your e-mail and continuing reviews on this blog, I have a ever-growing list of restaurants to try when I get to London (two months to go!! I'm so excited). Thanks for all the great reccs!


......From London With Love said...

You're welcome Marlee. Let me know if you need more options!