Sunday, June 5

Back from Cali!

I had a great trip to California in La Jolla although it was very very brief.  How funny is this picture? My dad gave it to me as a welcome home card and it cracked me up. I brought back a whole suitcase of gluten free flour. A girl has to have her priorities in order!
I had a wonderful week in La Jolla enjoying the beach which I miss so much!!
Then I went back up to LA and went to Baby Cakes downtown for the first cupcake I've had in 5 years (gluten and dairy free)...sooooo good! Thank you Eddy!

mint chocolate chip
Then off to Venice Beach for a fantastic lunch at the Rose Cafe with my brother and friends surrounded by celebrities in typical LA cliche fashion... one of which was Robyn Wright who I have always loved from THE PRINCESS BRIDE, my favorite movie of all time. She is so stunning in person. Her skin radiated from 10 feet away. We were all blown away by her incredible natural beauty.
The other was Jamie Bell from BILLY ELLIOT, another movie I loved, which seems like so long ago.

It was sunny and gorgeous the whole week and was all around a great trip. I am now back to the British rain!
 Next up this week, our first review for the FLWL☂ GUIDE TO GREAT LONDON EATS. 

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