Monday, March 28

A guide to London on a Budget

Anybody who knows me knows that I take my food very seriously. I want it to be good, locally sourced, organic, healthy good food. That's a big ticket in London. London is very expensive and although it takes some knowldge there is always a way to eat healthy and cheaply. Here's a list I did for a reader who wanted to know how to survive a trip here on a budget and not throw the diet out the window. I try and keep lunch to £10 or under so here are my go to places:

Pret A Manger of course is great for salads, soups and wraps

So is EAT and PURE

For a restaurant that is healthy there is Mrs. Marengo's and the sister restaurant, slightly more expensive, Mildreds

For sandwhiches and such: Fernandez and Wells:

Tibits is great and charges by the weight of your plate

For mexican El Camino: and Tortilla

Also Reynolds is great and everywhere

Busaba is more expensive but really delicious and has fresh juices

Vatnra and Vitao is great especially for vegan food on a budget and has great fresh juices: and

Also any Marks and Spencers SIMPLY FOOD has great packaged food that is super high end and healthy:


Foxcroft and Ginger

Whole Foods Soho

Abokado has great sushi, wraps, soups and juices

Waitrose is a good supermarket for all necessities

Coming reviews.....what do you think?


Historian said...

Yay! I love looking at all the links and menus . . . I like knowing what I want to eat before I even get there!

john cotter said...

Restaurant reviews is a great idea. Go for it.....

Melificent said...

Thank you so much for this - visiting London in November. Bookmarked!