Thursday, January 6

Little Ballerina

When I was little I used to read this book over and over called A Day In The Life of A Ballerina. I used to love to look at the pictures and imagine what it would be like to be a prima ballerina. The book followed the true life of a little girl who went off to audition for the nutcracker. I can't remember it's exact name. It was great. Did you ever want to be a ballerina?


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mandyface said...

This was the perfect post to make my morning lovely! Thanks!

Where My Heart Is said...

I did ballet briefly but my Mother was never keen. So when I had daughters I couldn't wait until I could take them to ballet. My 16 year old just gave up ballet after 13 years.
We too have the book A Day In The Life of A Ballerina! Loved all your ballet images.