Friday, January 28

Across the Pond

I am very excited to announce a new project I am working on with SFGIRLBYBAY.  We will be collaborating on a cross-continental photo project called ACROSS THE POND. Each week we will each shoot a photograph based on a word we choose, one photo from London and one from San Francisco and we will post them on our tumblr site here. I'm so excited to be paired with one of my most favorite and admired bloggers. This is going to be a very special project and we can't wait to share it with you. Here is our first one. The word: cafe


Dana Kromm said...

Hey, kind of like 3191. Cool! Can't wait to see the pics as you do them.

Eva Mar. said...

That is really exciting. :) what a great idea and what a great start! Promising :) Thank you!

......From London With Love said...

Thanks guys! We're pretty excited!