Monday, April 6

A Domino Book for you! Oh wait I have two!

Simon & Schuster has graciously given me two Domino Books to give away to my readers. I'm so thrilled and honored that they chose Bueller Designs to do this. The question is how am I going to choose who gets them!! I love this book. I look through it constantly and mine is so marked up I could use a second one!

I'm really into vintage, industrial, flea market finds, so I figure why not make that the theme and have a contest. So readers, send me picks of your favorite flea market find/s or rooms and the two coolest ones win!

For more information and to order Domino:The book of decorating, please go to Simon & Schuster here.

Send all pics to

I will declare the winner on May 1st.

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Bonnie said...

I just discovered your fabulous blog via Patricia Grays and have added you to my list of favorites. I have been wishing for this book for a long time! Please check out my blog for my post on a Dining Oasis Room that I did for Maison21's OCD Designer Challenge. I put together a combination of items that I think you'll love too. My blog is Love Your Place... here's the link to the post... Thank you so much!!! :)