Friday, February 6

Ooh la la so fresh and clean!

It's raining and I have a cold so I needed some inspiration and nothings better than My Home Ideas:


beulah designs said...

hi!! i have been given a little blog award by another blogger, which i was very happy about! the deal with this "award" is i should then give it out to eight of my favorite blogs. SO i have given one to you! i very much enjoy your blog and am happy to pass on a token of my appreciation...if you get a chance to go to my blog, you'll see the little "award" (hehe) and just copy the text and send it to your eight favorites..hope you have a great week!!! and thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful blog!! ~jen

Ivy Lane said...

Oh La Lavender! Love that pic! Hope you get on the mend soon!!:)

Di Overton said...

Love that kitchen in the first image