Thursday, January 15

Loving Crate and Barrel

I'm loving CB2. It's like falling down a rabbit hole of modern lofty goodness!
They have some very well priced modern loft-like furniture. Don't you love these stools?
This room with the bright yellow, blue and black and white is so much fun! I love that yellow console table!
Love the red with the wild rug.
This is a sofa bed chair - how cute is that!

I love this orange sofa bed. I just love it. It's so bright and cheerful and it sleeps 2!These blue lamps are so cool!

Lots of blue, need I say more! Love the yellow chair!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I got this catalog, but didn't catch on that they were affiliated with Crate and Barrel!?! The affordable art is what caught my eye immediately.

Bueller said...

Yes, super cool. You should check out Etsy for affordable art as well.