Tuesday, January 20

It's time to be the change!

Happy Inauguration Day! My dad gave me this wonderful book of poetry for Christmas and there is one in particular that I love and I thought was fitting for today.
Let's hope our nation becomes the change we want for our country.:

(photo © Bueller Designs)

There Comes The Strangest Moment

Kate Light

There comes the strangest moment in your life,

when everything you thought before breaks free-

what you relied upon, as ground-rule and as rite

looks upside down from how it used to be.

Skin's gone pale, your brain is shedding cells,

you question every tenet you set down,

obedient thoughts have turned to infidels

and every verb desires to be a noun.

I want-my want. I love-my love. I'll stay

with you. I thought transitions were the best,

but I want what's here to never go away.

I'll make my peace, my bed, and kiss this breast..

Your heart's in retrograde. You simply have no choice.

Things people told you turn out to be true.

You have to hold that body, hear that voice.

You'd have sworn no one knew you more than you.

How many people thought you'd never change?

But here you have. It's beautiful. It's strange.


beulah designs said...

i love that! and cool pic of super prez. !!! ~jen

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