Wednesday, April 23

OohLaLa Summer is coming!!

Hi everyone! I've been super busy with my photography and making new things for all my shops. Here are my new photographs available in my etsy shop:

Check out my new bags and tees in my new Bueller's Kitchen shop. It is filled with re-usable kitchen bags featuring my photography, calenders and motivational tees. I wanted to inspire everyone. If you have custom requests I'd be more than happy to fill them. If there is one thing you can do to save the environment it is to use re-usable grocery bags. Buy some you love and use them over and over again:

Here is some inspiration from Living Etc.:

Enjoy!! Be Well!!


AN said...

Why didn't I come across your blog before? I love it and I am so glad I came across it because I have been bouncing from Ideas scrap books to lists of links on excel to serve as an inspiration hold-all and nothing has worked as wonderfully as a few minutes looking through your blog. Thank you!

Di Overton said...

Love your new designs - especially the tshirts

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Ana said...

Love your photography!

acaligurl said...

great photo's.
the tee's are darling.
the black dining chairs are awesome.happy tuesday.;)

Toni said...

Love the new images, the bags are oh so perfect and I want one for Mother's day! Going to point the kids this way. Meanwhile, check out my latest entry featuring none other than YOU, well your images from ages ago that I got!
Keep up the inspiration!