Thursday, February 21

Domino goes Green!

My earlier post got corrupted so here it is again. This issue of Domino is absolutely amazing! I definitely dog eared every page. It is chalk full of eco-nomic (my new favorite word), eco-friendly goodness!! I will be looking at it again and again. I can't believe that all of these wonderful items and home decor ideas are good for the environment! Why would you buy anything else? I urge everyone to get it and be inspired! Here are some highlights:

I was blown away and totally inspired by Lili Diallo's loft. It makes me dream of the one I will have one day!

The life of Liz Gilbert adventure woman and photographer looks absolutely fabulous!

Great article called UTTERLY SPOTLESS. All sorts of great ideas including a broom made of cereal!

A great article on SLEEPING PEACEFULLY. I love the latex bed.

I loved loved loved the piece on Lauren Bush and her travel routine. Especially her FEED bag that goes to helping feed the world of those in need. What a great cause and what a great bag!

And what green goddess doesn't want a tree house!!

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