Friday, February 8

Bueller introduces the magnificent Scott Waterman!

Well I can't say I discovered him or anything but I was thrilled when I saw the work of Scott Waterman. I first met Scott and aDNG event (Designers Networking Group that Vanessa from Turquoise puts together) a few months ago. He is wonderfully funny and sweet not to mention wildly talented. He showed me some work from his portfolio of an installation he did for The Standard Hotel (shown above and below) which is just fantastic. After checking out the rest of his work I just fell in love. It's so whimsical, colorful and fantastic! A total joy to look at. I can't believe a major gallery has not snapped him up yet! You can see more of Scott's work online here and on flickr. So without further adieu I give you the work of Scott Waterman:

When I have my loft I would love to have this picture below for one of the walls.

Some pictures of his studio:

I love his cats:
The range of Scott's work and interests are incredible. Take a look around his sites for more. His work rooms and houses have also been featured in many publications, including Casa Vogue (shown below):
Pass the word!


Anonymous said...

Dear Alysia,

Thanks for the introduction! I am so flattered!

Yours truly,


Melanie said...

Wow. Love the style of his work.

emily@designsmack said...

Love the cats!! Very nice work!

Bridget said...

Very interesting work, thank you for sharing, I'm going to watch his sites!
Icome via Di 's Designer's block and it's a pleasure!