Thursday, January 24

Finally an easy way to cancel catalogs!

I am overwhelmed with the amount of catalogs I get on a weekly basis. Every weekend I think, I really have to cancel these, this is ridiculous, this is so bad for the environment...but it takes so much work to call each one. I prayed for a miracle that they would all just go away. It's not easy for me to recycle them (even though I do anyway) . You see Beverly Hills doesn't have recycling bins because from what I hear it attracts vagrants (don't even get me started on that issue, let's see reversing global warming and the destruction of planet earth by providing recycling vs. dirty harry taking my water bottles out of the trash so he can eat....yeah, I'm missing something here. It seems to me like recycling bins would be a win win for everyone). Then this morning on the today show there it was! My miracle! A website called Catalog Choice!

You can pick and choose which catalogs you want to keep and which ones you want to get rid of. If your catalog is not there you can suggest it for them to add. You only have to enter your personal information once and the companies have to abide by the request. It's awesome! Check it out.

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erika said...

this is amazing! you should see my pile of crappy catalogs i never open... it is a mile high! thank you for sharing!!!!!